2020 Student Project Competition


This competition is open to undergraduate, masters, and PhD students of years 2019 and 2020, at any institution of higher education in the world, who have undertaken a project on a sports engineering or technology topic. Projects are defined as work wherein the students are the primary contributor. Both individual and group submissions are eligible (please see prizes for clarification).


Please present your work in the form of an infographic. An infographic is the utilisation of visual images (such as a chart or diagram) to represent information or data in a quick and easily understandable way. For some great examples, please refer to the sport science blog by Yann Le Meur (https://www.ylmsportscience.com/).

Selected entries will be made available on the website and social media platforms and are an excellent way to showcase your research to a wider audience.

The ISEA logo is available for download in light or dark format, and must be included in your infographic.

Please submit your infographic in PDF or PNG format. Submissions should be sent to the following: isea@shu.ac.uk

Please include a contact email address for all members if submitting as a group.

30th October 2020 5pm UTCnow extended to 11th November 2020 5pm UTC. COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED!

Judging will be carried out by the members of the executive committee of the ISEA. Marks will be awarded in areas such as academic rigour, originality and presentation. Results will be announced on 1st December 2020.

1st prize: £1000 and full membership to the ISEA for one year*
2nd prize: £500 and full membership to the ISEA for one year*
3rd prize: Full membership to the ISEA for one year*

*The prize funds for group submissions will be shared equally among members and each member will receive student ISEA membership for one year.

For further information, please see the ISEA website at http://www.sportsengineering.org or by direct contact with the organisers via isea@shu.ac.uk